Website Security Policy


Website Security Policy of SnapblockC
Measures and methods to maintain website security

SnapblockC recognizes the importance of maintaining website security. to protect the user's data from being destroyed or invasion from those who do not wish well or those who do not have the right to access the information Therefore, measures for the security and safety of the website have been established. using advanced data security standards With Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is a technology to access data through a password at the level of 128 bits (128-bits Encryption) to encrypt data that is transmitted over the Internet every time. with financial transactions through the SnapblockC's internet network, allowing those who intercept information on the way to not be able to use the information further It uses encryption as a basis for data security. The service users can observe from the protocol name that is https://

Additional technologies used to maintain security

besides measures In addition to the above-mentioned general security and security methods, SnapblockC also uses the following advanced technologies to protect your personal information.

1. Firewall is a software system that allows only authorized persons or SnapblockC approved persons to pass through FireWall to access data.

2. Scan Virus In addition to every computer that provides service, there is a highly efficient Anti-Virus Software installed and updated regularly, SnapblockC also installs a Scan Virus Software on a specific Server as well.

3. Cookies are small computer files. to store necessary temporary data into the computer of the applicant For convenience and speed in communication, however, SnapblockC recognizes the privacy of service users as well therefore avoiding the use of Cookies, but if it is necessary to use Cookies SnapblockC will consider carefully and awareness of safety and the privacy of the service requester.

4. Auto Log off When using the services of SnapblockC, after deactivation should Log off every time. In case the user forgets to log off, the system will automatically log off within the appropriate time of each service. This is for the safety of the service users themselves.

Advice on maintaining security

Although SnapblockC has a high standard of technology and security methods. To help prevent unauthorized access to your personal or confidential information as mentioned above. But it is generally known that At present, there is still no system any security that can absolutely protect your data from being destroyed or accessed by unauthorized persons Therefore, you should follow the following recommendations regarding security as well:

1. Be careful when downloading programs from the Internet to use. You should check the address of the website correctly before logging in to use the service to prevent in case of website forgery.

2. A virus detection system should be installed on the machine and try to update the program. Always check your machine for virus updates.

3. Install a Personal Firewall program to protect your computer. from the attacks of ill-wishers.